Food Exploration Begins!

20150928_134714Dagny is 4.5 months old and has officially begun to show interest in food and I am SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!

It all started one morning when I was drinking chai tea. It had been sitting a while and was just warm at this point and the cup was not hot. She was watching me put it to my mouth and drink with more intense interest than ever before and I jokingly held it up asking if she would like some tea. She grabbed the cup with both hands and began to suck on the rim like a damned hyena. I didn’t think a caffeinated drink, however lightly, was good for a baby so I didn’t continue this game but I was a little excited at this show of interest.

The next day I was eating a banana. Dagny watched me with that same intensity and with her mouth wide open whenever I pulled it away from my mouth. So I held it a little forward and she reached her hands forward, grabbed my hand, pulled it straight to her mouth and began to suck on it. Her eyes went wide and she looked at the banana and then immediately began sucking on it again. What a moment. I couldn’t help but laugh at the look on her face. So I cut a banana in half, peeled that half of banana half way down so that there would be some solid skin she could hold onto, put her into her chair and placed the banana on the tray. For the next half hour, Dagny was absorbed in the process of squishing, picking up, sucking and even taking little gummy bites out of this banana and she nearly finished the entire half. She had probably had 1/3 of a full banana by the end of it. I was amazed.

The next thing for Dagny to taste was pumpkin. I was baking a pumpkin pie for my Permaculture Design Course and had some extra pumpkin (no sugar or anything at all added, just a baked and soft pumpkin). I put a little into a “safety eater”, shown in the photo, so that she would be able to pick it up and suck on it if she wanted to, and put a pile of it on her tray to explore and practice picking up. She finished nearly all the pumpkin inside the eater and had a blast playing with the pile on her tray.

20150927_075600 20150927_075242

We plan to just give her food when she shows interest. Things that are soft and that mush when sucked on and bitten into while she is a little bit younger. Little soft things from our own plates while we are having meals together. I don’t plan on spoon feeding at all. My inspiration for these decisions was personal preference on what I wanted to do and some reading on Baby Lead Weaning, if you want to look into it. She has a couple of neat little airplane spoons that we will put on her tray while she eats so she can play and practice with that.

Everything Dagny eats is organic, and I have made the switch to fully organic at home so that hopefully she’s getting the best she can out of my breastmilk.

Good fun! Looking forward to the food exploration to follow and I’ll update you all as she gets older and tries more things!


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