We’ve Got Chickens!

For the long Melbourne Cup Weekend, we decided to forgo the cup and build a coup. The original plan was to wait until after Christmas, but we (including the landlord) became too impatient and decided to just go for it. Our aim is to take this opportunity to get our feet wet and learn by doing between now and when we build our own homestead.

Winging It

The mother hen was so impatient to get this project going that we decided to just wing the whole design! The one thing we were certain about though was that we didn’t want to spend much money. So, we cruised around town picking up old shipping pallets. Add that to some junk lying around the back yard and we had all we needed to build a pleasant home for the chickens. The actual coup construction end of the project ended up only costing us about $30. And to think we considered buying a used one for $300!

Coming Home to Roost

We spent about a day building the coup and then set out to get its new inhabitants. Two of the hens are already laying, one will be laying in about two months, and two won’t lay until at least four months. It’s a good idea to have chickens of varying ages so you’ve always got some that are actively laying. They are all varying breeds but none of them are hybrids and they’re all known for laying but not being very flighty.


Click on the first picture to begin the slideshow and see expanded descriptions of the step-by-step.


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