Making Vinegar

For my first attempt at “re-blogging” I thought I would post this excellent how-to post on making vinegar at home using fruit scraps. I never realized how incredibly easy this whole process could be and will have to make it a point to give it a try sometime.

How to Provide

As I was about to write my post on making vinegar, a very important recipe — I feel anyway, I came across:

This is a repost of her blog as it is just so well done. For sure, there is nothing to which I can add.

Making fruit scrap vinegar

Last fall, I embarked on a new experiment: making vinegar from fruit scraps. The reason I didn’t blog about it at the time was (a) it’s a long drawn-out process, not a single-day project, so I couldn’t really blog about it until I was finished; and (b) I had in mind an article for Backwoods Home Magazine so I didn’t want to spill the beans ahead of time. My editor at the magazine has given me the green light on the article (which I submitted today), so these photos will allow her to choose which ones she wants to…

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